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Robin Hood Asia recognizes that many businesses are committed to doing their part to ease the burden on the poor, but need help getting there. We work with companies to examine the impact of their business activities and investments in emerging markets while creating a roadmap that is good for business and good for society. We work in that space where the interests and needs of the business and development communities meet. In so doing, we help business step up and take a leadership role by creating well-founded partnerships and strategic investments that address the most intractable development challenges of the day, while maintaining a focus on the business of business.

Risks of not applying the right process

  • The worldview and language of business is different from the worldview and language of the development and NGO sectors. Mutual understanding — and effective partnerships — can only come by learning to speak the same language and adopting an integrated worldview.
  • To be the leader in your sector, you need to know the social issues better than your competition, and be prepared to provide the right response.
  • Your current partners are largely businesses. It is important to determine which development or NGO partners are right for you.
  • Your social and financial investments could deliver measurable returns — and equity to build upon in the future. Or they could be short-lived and non-equity building.
  • If you are publicly listed, you could miss out on significant SRI investments, which are currently $1 in every $8 invested in the United States.

Robin Hood Asia has developed a proprietary framework for working with its business clients. Our approach is very hands-on, with our principal partners providing high quality services designed to maximize social and financial returns. We typically work with businesses on a 12-month cycle, as we believe that ongoing engagement with our clients is essential to ensuring both short-term results and the long-term sustainability of the initiatives that we will jointly develop.

The following is a summary of the Robin Hood Process that will lead to your company's new Innovation Plan. Realigning one’s CSR policies to address the needs of the world’s poor, in such a way as to make good business sense, is a complex process that we have divided into the following four distinct phases:

Working with Us

Looking back,
businesses will evaluate the impact of their social investments.

Looking forward,
businesses will formulate and implement new Innovation Plans that will maximize social and financial benefits.

Contact Us

For a more detailed explanation of our services, including how we would customize our work to meet your needs, please contact:

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