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Once we are comfortable that we have a comprehensive snapshot of where your social and business strategies are today, we work with you to define the framework of your new Innovation Plan. This phase of our work requires pursuing a more meaningful and integrated CSR/sustainable development strategy that is grounded in a commitment to doing good for business and society. It will lay the groundwork for your future CSR initiatives and social investments in the developing world.

We begin by exploring how your company’s new investments will be linked with overall poverty reduction goals; specifically, determining your commitment to eradicating poverty. We then examine your motivations for doing good — are they purely philanthropic, are they in response to consumer or other stakeholder pressures, are they part of an overall risk management strategy, or are they part of a broader effort to expand your business into new markets? Following this, we explore several options that will form the basis of your new strategy, including whether your focus will be on short-term or long-term social investments, whether they will be local, regional or global in nature, and the extent to which your Innovation Plan will be integrated into your core business activities.

Once the parameters of what you are looking for have been identified, we undertake a thorough analysis of the national and local development priorities of the countries in which you will be making your social investments. It is at this level that we make the linkages between your social stand and the needs of the communities that you will be investing in. We also analyze market opportunities, focusing on low-income (or bottom of the pyramid) markets and the types of product and process innovations that can expand your markets while helping the poor. Effective innovations can help your bottom line while addressing the basic needs of the poor and empowering them through jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities and access to finance.

We conclude Phase II by mapping out several social investment opportunities and partnership models that will best suit your company’s new Innovation Plan.


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Looking back,
businesses will evaluate the impact of their social investments.

Looking forward,
businesses will formulate and implement new Innovation Plans that will maximize social and financial benefits.

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