Robin Hood Asia™ is dedicated to helping companies create social initiatives that assist the poor while benefiting business. We believe that companies can become change agents for social good by adapting their products, services and business practices to a compelling social stand. In Asia, where 2.8 billion people live in poverty, the business community is uniquely positioned to create the next great social innovations that will make poverty history.

Robin Hood Asia works at the nexus of the business and development worlds. We are social innovators and international development experts who bring these two worldviews together, helping companies understand the business case for eradicating poverty. We have developed a proprietary framework for working with our select group of business clients. Sustainability, action and results are the driving forces behind our work.

Mainstreaming CSR
Social innovation brings CSR into mainstream corporate culture.
Unilever Signs Up
Unilever Indonesia signs up as Robin Hood Asia's first client.
Marketer of the Year
Jude Mannion, co-founder of Robin Hood Asia, has been named Marketer of the Year.
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